Meetup #6 - Web App Security Testing

This month we’re very lucky to have Simon Whittaker from Vertical Structure Limited (@vsltd). Simon is a security and penetration testing expert.

Simon will be explaining:- 

  • Help you to present the smallest target possible to potential attackers 
  • Understand common attack vectors 
  • Mitigation against common attack vectors 
  • How to ask the right questions of other developers & system administrators 
  • Encourage auditing of code & improved development procedures 
  • Not being specific about languages - these principles apply to most. 
  • Help you to think like the person that is attacking your application

If you have a laptop you are welcome to bring it along and follow along with some of the demonstrations.


The Works - at The Mac Belfast

"The Works" is on the 4th floor. Take the elevator just inside the door, then follow the signs.

Public car parking in St. Annes Sq. Multi-Story. (Map)

Thu 26th June 18:30pm - 9pm (starts at 7pm sharp)


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Thank you to our event sponsors for the evening, tibus. Without sponsors this type of event simply wouldn’t happen.

Meetup #5 - Build with components

Building a website tends to be done with a full stack framework like Zend, Symfony or Laravel, or by using a full featured CMS system such as wordpress or drupal.

But what if you just want something small, but powerful?

Andy Graham, Technical Director at 31 Interactive is going to show you how you can use available open source components to build a micro CMS powered website, with many of the features you’d get with a full stack framework website.

Andy will talk about components like Slim, Redbean and Smarty.

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Meetup #4 - Introduction to Encryption

The next meetup will be on Thurs 6th Feb at Blick Studios.

The main talk topic will be an introduction to encryption, An interesting look at the origins of encryption and some modern encryption techniques.

We plan to give away a free PHP Storm license by means of a PHP quiz.

In addition to that, there will also be a free APress eBook giveaway.

Register now at


Although it’s announced on 2 platforms - you only need to register once.

N.B.  please review our code of conduct policy prior to attending.

Hi, I would like to attend the next PHP Belfast meetup, when and where will it be held? Thanks.


Nothing firmed up yet. it will be announced here and on twitter though when the date is decided.

I can tell you that there should be a PhpStorm license raffled off at it though.